Inner Desire from Singapore Creates $6,000 Swimsuit for FTV Beach Party

A most expensive swimsuit worth $6,000 has been created by a mother and daughter team from Singapore FTV Beach Party slated to begin next weekend. Both the mother, Ms Christina Ho and daughter Esther Loh spent an entire week designing and then hand sewing Swarovski crystals on to the swimsuit. Esther is confident that the crystals will stay on even if the wearer goes for a swim, however she does not recommend it. It is more of the beauty pageant variety and they have sponsored the swimwear for several pageants in the past including Miss Singapore Chinatown 2012, Miss Bikini International Singapore 2012 and the Miss Universe Singapore 2013.

Inner Desire is an Online Business Launched Three Years Ago

The mother and daughter team are the founders of Inner Desire, an online business that they launched three years ago. They design and retail a range of luxury swimsuits, lingerie and sleepwear. Their designs are very affordably priced between $34 and $120. Ms Ho explained that it was the time when e-commerce was booming and they realized that only international brands of swimwear were available online. They saw an opportunity for a local swimsuit brand for those who wanted to buy it but did not want to visit the shop. Ms Loh designs most of the pieces they retail though she does not have any formal training in the field. However she has become more proficient and confident than she was in the beginning.

Swimsuit With Swarovski Crystals Inner Desire from Singapore Creates $6,000 Swimsuit for FTV Beach Party

The Swim Suit With Crystals Are Generally One Off Pieces

The $6,000 swimsuit was developed on an existing swimsuit but still took a week’s hard work to complete. The Fashion TV Beach Festival will begin at Tanjong Beach Club next Saturday. Inner Desire is one of the six labels participating in the fashion event. The other five are Gnossem, Armoire, Zardoze and Triumph International’s premium lingerie range for women Valisere and the men’s range, Hom. Inner Desire has a wide range of swimsuits with Swarovski crystals but 25 of them will not be on display the coming weekend as they are not back from the recently-concluded Miami Swim Show. The swimsuits with stones are generally one off pieces and appeal to the rich. The rich and the famous will be in full attendance at the FTV Beach Party and Inner Desire hopes to make a great impact.

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