Hazelton Hotel at Toronto offers a Luxurious Holiday Package Worth $200,000 !

This holiday season, those who do not have to worry about their bank balance can treat themselves to an ultra luxe holiday package at the Hazelton Hotel, Toronto. 

I mentioned the bank balance at the very outset, because with a price tag of $199,000, this holiday package costs more than the annual salary for most of us. But the good people at this luxury hotel have tried to pack a punch into the two-night stay offer so that the visitors feel assured that they are truly getting their money’s worth.  

Their public relations representative, Lindsay Tessis says that they came up with this luxury package because they wanted to create something that was long lasting and memorable for their guests.

Their holiday package is especially tempting for those who love to shop. The guests will get a private shopping experience during their stay. These guys even take into account the fact that men and women have different interests when it comes to shopping. So the men will get to shop at the designer watch retailer Louis Black to get an exquisite timepiece for themselves and also their loved ones, while the women will get their very own stylist who will help them look like a million bucks.

After all the shopping the guests will get to relax at the hotel’s luxurious Bellair Suite, where they can enjoy scrumptious meals. But the luxe treatment is not limited to the stay at the hotel. Guests can travel in style by availing private jet service to reach Toronto and move around in a chauffeur driven luxury sedan. The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC is also offering a similar package. This is a great chance for the uber rich to splurge this holiday season.

If you are interested, find more here : thehazeltonhotel.com
The Hazelton Hotel
118 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1C2  Canada

Tel: 416.963.6300
Toll Free: 1.866.473.6301
Fax: 416.963.6399

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