French doctors sustain the legalizing of euthanasia

Ethics board of medicine in France expressed its views on the controversial issue of euthanasia, showing that it would be permissible in exceptional cases where patients do call "persistent and lucid".

Invoking a "human duty" Ethics Board consider euthanasia as a method that can end unnecessary suffering of patients, notes France24.

President Francois Hollande called the Council on assisted suicide in which to examine the precise circumstances in which this method could be implemented so that they can make a bill.

Council report shows that doctors could be allowed to authorize intervention to ensure rapid deaths terminal patients.

In this case, the patient involved would be able to do one explicit request or to specify this option if the patient becomes unable to make it explicit request.

There are also where the patient's family, if he is dying and is not aware, even in situations where the patient has previously made ​​this request.
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