First Lady of Peru, President from shadow

Nadine Heredia, First Lady of the Republic of Peru, is more popular than her husband, President Ollanta Humala. Love her lots of Peruvian populist gestures, fans and critics call co-chair and is generally regarded as a political force that should not be neglected.Aged 36 years, mother of three children Nationalist Party founded with her husband. Role in Peruvian politics but does not end here. Nadine Heredia expressed his opinion on a wide range of policies and in public, sometimes fulfills the role of government messenger, says Reuters.Role has made it more popular than it is now president, so it is generally regarded as the future leader of the country, many referring to it as "The President". One can say that the only viable candidate of the party after Humala outgoing, and would become the first woman president of the country, if anti-nepotism law is canceled and allowed to run in 2016.

Heredia now insist that no such plans, but, coincidentally or not, is almost always at the forefront of events that bring the campaign rallies.

"Many of you are immigrants who came to the capital in search of opportunities. Need to help each other because I am the daughter of immigrants and know what obstacles must be overcome," she recently told some fans poor neighborhood of Lima, Puente Piedra .

After the speech, Heredia went into one of the three-wheeled taxis common in developing countries, to be followed within minutes of his bodyguards in a car carrier, an impressive SUV.The level of popular support for Nadine Heredia reached 60%, 7% more than her husband is one of the most popular leaders in Peru, which supported pro-investment and expanded social programs.

It seems that reserved nature made him dependent on his wife extrovert. After winning the presidency did not speak in public two weeks and entered politics when he tried to improve oratory style studying recordings of his speeches.Humala has also been thawed in the meantime, but it lacks that "something" to inspire people.

It seems that Heredia is the most important adviser to Humala. People say its Heredia currently not discuss his plans political, choosing to take inserts role to support their husband, "going with him - not in front or behind."But there are some voices that say Nadine Heredia has a side less known. Some find that the First Lady is believed top ministers. "Where is my minister?" would have asked it to an event, revealing an attitude of head moved.

Over the years, Heredia was attacked and based on financial ties with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez allies, which he denies. Finally, there are those who talk that First Lady calls MPs to tell them how to vote on certain issues, accusations denied again.
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