Explosive investigation: Prince Charles really is Dracula’s descendant!

When he said he was a descendant of Tepes, the British crown prince was not kidding. The Windsor family can be traced back to the dynasty of the Basarabi rulers of Muntenia. 

Our historiography did not pay attention to this aspect, while the Hungarian one, interested in outlining the Hungarian ancestors of the British royal house, blurred out the genealogic tree where it intersected with Romanian rulers. Using documentary sources, Formula AS magazine restored the historical truth. The British crown prince can call himself Charles of Romania and not as a joke!

Prince Charles: <<I have Transylvanian roots!>>

My genealogy shows I hail from Vlad Tepes (the Impaler), Prince Charles recently told a British journalist who had come to Transylvania to convince himself of the British crown prince’s passion for the region. “So I have some roots here,” the prince added. The journalist smiled and probably thought, “Prince Charles hails from the blood-thirsty Dracula! This will sound so good in the movie, British tabloids will rage about it before the launch!”

He was not wrong. The newspapers both in Romania and in the UK raged about it. All sorts of scenarios were published, some even suggested that he could claim the Romanian throne. Most, however, took Prince Charles’s words as an attempt to promote Transylvania with its most commercial “product,” Dracula’s myth.

Leo van de Pas: Vlad Tepes is certainly a great-great uncle of Charles

A genealogic investigation by Formula AS shows that this was not a marketing trick, but the naked truth: Prince Charles does hail from Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula. The magazine resorted to the help of Leo van de Pas, coordinator of one of the most important genealogy databases in the world, collector of a vast library in the field and owner of the website www.genealogics.org.

The tenth generation before Queen Mary, grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, led to the Draculesti family, to Vlad Tepes, his brother Vlad III Calugarul (the Monk), his father Vlad Dracul, Mircea cel Batran, going back to the 1300s, to Basarab Voievod.

“Nowaday, people use words like ancestor and descendant too easily. Genealogically speaking, the ancestor of Prince Charles is not Vlad Tepes, but his brother, Vlad the Monk. But yet, Vlad Tepes is certainly a great-great uncle of Charles,” van de Pas explained.

The genealogic tree drawn by van de Pas is also confirmed by an important work published in England in 1982, shortly after the birth of Prince Charles’s son William. "Royal Highness: Ancestry of the Royal Child" by reputed heraldic and genealogy specialist Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk clearly states that Prince Charles’s ancestry leads all the way to Stephen the Great and his ancestors, up to Bogdan I Voievod, through Lady Chiajna, the wife of Mircea Ciobanu Basarab.
credits: http://www.bucharestherald.ro/
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