Bulgarians went out into the street again. This time protesting against poverty

Over 100,000 Bulgarians came out today on the streets of major cities to protest against poverty. Sofia protesters marched from the Ministry of Economy, parliament and presidential palace. President Rosen Plevneliev took a brief speech to the protesters. Plevneliev said that all problems should be identified and must work to solve them. The Head of State thanked the people that came out to present position, but was booed by the crowd, send Agerpres.It is hard to say how many people participated in the protest, but most likely outnumber the number of protesters last Sunday, when gathered around 100,000 demonstrators in several cities. According to preliminary police in Sofia gathered at least 25,000. The protests are peaceful, organizers have urged that, when masked persons observed, they are taught police.

The protests in the last two weeks have led to the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Outgoing Prime Minister said he resigned because he does not want to see violence between protesters and police. In these circumstances, it is likely that the President Rosen Plevneliev to appoint a transitional government to prepare for early elections in late April or the first half of May.Sofia was organized several demonstrations were united in parliament. Dozens of students have asked for a better quality of university education. 

Several hundred people gathered in front of the National Bank to demand reduction in interest rates. As in previous days, the most numerous are those who protest against monopolies. Initially, the protests were caused by higher electricity bills for January, but quickly turned into some social, against monopolies of power, against mafia and against the political system in the last 23 years.Representatives of protesters from across the country gathered Saturday in Sliven city (center of the country) to coordinate their demands. They hold 50% representation in parliament and civil society the possibility of losing the deputies of immunity and place the end of the term. 

Civil society representatives also demand a moratorium on payment of electricity bills, waiving VAT on electricity and triggering investigations on privatization of Bulgarian and European funds.Many of the protesters argue that a new constitution be adopted by a Grand National Assembly. Therefore, they argue that the current parliament is not dissolved, but to prepare for the Grand National Assembly elections.
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