British government asks elders to return to university to respecializeze

People over 60 should go to university to re-specialize, because you have to work longer before retiring, suggested the government in London.Employees will follow academic courses in order to keep the professional skills are more likely to keep their jobs, warned the Minister for Higher Education, David Willetts, quoted by the Daily Telegraph.According to him, waiving the age limit for student loans designed to cover the cost of schooling, making these invaluable courses for seniors. Minister comments appear after a government report found that the country's future economic success depends on the skills and contributions of older workers.On the other hand, for elderly organizations have expressed doubt that potential retirees will be willing to attend college and difficult to raise debt to continue to work.One in four Britons will be over 65 by 2033, and economists have warned that the aging population will place an unsustainable burden on British taxpayers, if not there will be more people to work for longer.Also, the retirement age is expected to rise to 67 years by 2028.Under previous rules, students in England were eligible to receive a loan to cover tuition fees that were under 54 years old.According to the latest figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, only 1,940 students who began courses last year were over 60 years, a total of 552,240 students in the UK, and 6,455 between 50 and 60 years.Last year, a government report concluded that higher education remains an option to encourage older people to remain in the workforce. Ministers abolished the retirement age, which restrict the ability of the British to remain at work, and encourage employers to allow staff to move to a more flexible schedule.Loans provided to cover living costs during my years in college, are currently limited to applicants up to 60 years. Tuition fees in England are currently set at £ 9,000 per year, and students are required to pay after they graduated and began to receive a salary of more than 21,000 pounds per year.
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