Brâncuşi between millions and poverty

"Muse" ("Une Muse"), Constantin Brancusi, sold last night with no less than 12,400,000 at auction organized by Christie's in New York, which on the whole was below the initial estimates of the organizers.Price obtained by the fall of the hammer Brancusi's work was $ 11 million, plus the auction house commission calculated at 12.75 percent of the sale price, which climbed the total amount of $ 12,402,500 . Buyer's identity was not made public, knowing only nationality: american, private. "Muse" was modeled in plaster by Constantin Brancusi in 1912, special exhibition at the New York Armory Show of 1913, along with three other exhibits .. The same auction house will today sell a sketch of Miss Pogany creator of the Endless Column, estimated at about $ 90,000.Surprisingly or not, wooden house hosting "Constantin Brancusi memorial museum" is not true. It was mounted on the current site in 1968, using a similar house, as well as preserved. The real, which is in an advanced state of decay, is only 70 meters from the museum and became rotten cage of three beams for ducks and pigs, unless ... shelter garbage.Brancusi's visit to the museum only costs 2 lei and 80 bani. Locals admit nobody to give his name Costantin Brancusi interest to remain alive in people's memory. Talking, pointing fingers and all.What is sad is that Romanians Show all interested to visit this house.While, here, others slip in pocket money to each other that we did not really know how to collect them.There, "away", "them", the rich know that Brancusi's somewhere in Eastern Europe and the. I do not understand very well the metaphors and inspiration angels, but he buys name, expose them work while at home Brancusi's memory, he stepped dust and he kneaded her hands crying. Without knowing what that money far more.

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