A new scandal shakes Vatican

Quitting the Pontiffs as Benedict XVI is linked to a controversial investigation of "gay officials in the Vatican"
Pope decided to withdraw after reading a report about infl uenţa gay lobby groups

According to an article published in the newspaper "La Repubblica", Benedict XVI received in December, a report by three cardinals, the disclosures were made by a network of gay priests in the Vatican, some of whom are blackmailed by outsiders.

Vatican comment

Pope's spokesman declined to make a statement on the matter after the media worldwide took the information published by the Italian daily. Pope decided to give up even pontificate on December 17, after a long meditation, he received the report on the so-called business Vatileaks.

In May 2012, Pope butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and then sentenced for theft of private documents that you sent the press. The report documents that consist of two volumes of over 300 pages have been stored in a vault and will be sent next pope. The paper talks about high priests, "vulnerable to blackmail from outside".
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