ICEBERG Water: The Purest Water In The World

ICEBERG Water is a great new offering for those who do not want to take any chances on the quality of our water supply. In a world where the purity of even bottled water is questionable, ICEBERG Water ensures that the water you are drinking is pure and pristine. The water in their bottles is derived from the Arctic ice shelves that were formed 12 thousand years ago. Hence it is bereft of any modern industrial pollutant. Infact it has the lowest mineral content in any bottled water in the world. Gradually these ice shelves broke away and migrated southwards towards Canada. It is from the Canadian coastline, that they harvest the water from these icebergs before they melt and become one with sea.

For generations, the locals have harvested water from these icebergs. They believe this water to have healing properties. Now this gift of nature is available in the UK. Bottled in beautiful clear and frosted bottles with snowflakes pattern on them, they can be great for parties or as a gift to a health conscious friend. The 75 cl bottles can be purchased from leading suppliers in the UK like Hedonism Wines, Caviar House, or online at Lux Drinks. You will also find them at some of the best bars and restaurants in the UK like Nobu London and The Blue Bar at The Berkeley.

ICEBERG Water is harvested from icebergs under license from the Canadian government. It is brought to the other side of the pond by sea freight. Some researches even say that water harvesting from icebergs will reduce the chances of the ocean levels from rising due to global warming by utilising the water before it is lost into the ocean. But this kind of purity comes with a hefty price tag, in this case a tag of £13 a bottle.

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