Tartan 5300: You’d Want to Live on This Yacht!

Tartan 5300 is a treat for both an experienced sailor and layman alike. The people at Tartan Yachts achieved that by brining the best of both engineering and interior design. Many of you must have seen pictures of the most expensive yachts in the world or those super expensive yachts to charter and might find this one much less imposing, but the thing to remember here is not the size but the quality of craftsmanship that has gone behind this beauty. The yacht has 46.5 feet of waterline plus a displacement to length ratio of 165 feet.

Let us first take a peek at the technical details. Novis Cruise Control Rig has been used to make sailing a cakewalk on Tartan 5300. These guys have partnered with High Modulus Engineering and used some of the lightest and most high grade materials available in the market to achieve the excellent aforementioned displacement ratio. The ship’s rigging is such that it can manage upwind as well as offwind sails with equal ease. While sailing upwind, 105% roller furling jib is used and during offwind, a masthead, roller furling reacher is used. The rod rigging is such that it brings down the excess weight and cuts down on both the stretch and windage.

Now on to the design and the interiors. Customers will be given a choice between several layouts. Whichever one they choose, they will be sure to get two large head compartments with full shower stalls, a navigation station, a galley, and a master suite cabin along with a living area, both tucked inside the raised salon. To ensure ample ventilation, the yacht has been fitted with 12 opening house side port-lights, four dorades, two cockpit opening port-lights , and 10 hatches. In this latest version, the positioning of the cockpit has been improved for greater deck visibility.
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