Ruby Roman Grapes: The World’s Most expensive at $6,400

The Forbidden Fruit has always been chastised by priests and all the ‘do-gooders. In fact, the red and luscious fruits are cheap and vulgar allegories to your privates, and biting them is considered to be well, you know it all. If you were wondering how you could get a bunch of grapes that are luxurious and yet remind you of the forbidden fruit, you could try the Ruby Roman Grapes. They are being touted as the most expensive grapes ever and are thought to cost well over $6,400.

The grapes were auctioned off at the wholesale market in Kanazawa city. The grapes were bought by upscale pastry shop in Ishikawa Prefecture. Each grape weighs more than 20 grams and almost has a cherry red colour. These grapes are genetically engineered and cost $255 a grape. The grapes are larger than tennis balls and for those people who always think size matters, these expensive forbidden fruits could just be the solution.

However, I fail to understand what the big deal is about these grapes. I agree they are big, luscious and red but why should anyone pay $6,400 for a bunch of grapes? You could also take a look at the expensive fruit basket and the expensive mango about which we had written sometime back. If you are not interested in such biblically expensive fruits, I would say run to the supermarket and grab a healthy bunch of grapes which would keep your skin clear. That would actually lead you to savour the Forbidden fruit more often.
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