Anonymous Bidder Takes Home a Scarf for $4.8 Million

Can you imagine paying a whopping $4.8 million for a mere scarf? At a recent auction at the Christie’s in London a simple looking scarf fetched that incredible price. The scarf that looks simple isn’t all that simple as it is actually a piece of fine art.  

It is actually an original print of Matisse entitled Oceanie La Mer. 

It is claimed that the artwork was inspired by the artists visit to Tahiti in 1940. This precious scarf was created through the initiative of Zika Ascher, founder of well-known scarf brand Ascher London.

Zika Ascher had an interesting idea and to turn it into reality he travelled to Paris in 1946 to convince the legendary French artists Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Henri Matisse to design this piece of luxury. The design was created and the scarves were released in a limited edition with only 30 pieces produced ever. The scarf used to adorn the wall of the artist’s studio. The auction and the price it fetched there has made it the claimant of the title of the most expensive scarf.

Sam Ascher, the grandson of Zika is proud of his grandfather’s original concept. He pointed out that it was the scarf was a result of his grandfather’s Artist Squares project, and of course to the genius of Matisse. The pre sales estimates for the scarf had not been announced and so it came as a pleasant surprise when an anonymous bidder came up with the winning $4.8 million bid to take the exquisite piece of scarf home.
Via: vogue

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