$35,575 iPhone 3GS Diamond Turns The World Pink

Apple is no newbie when it comes to turning the world pink. Even though the Apple iPhones have been advertised to the point of making them as common as cotton candy, it seems that Apple still has some surprises in store for us.

Turning pink this month is the Apple iPhone. Introduced by UK based Stuart Hughes, the iPhone 3GS Diamond is a sight to behold. Simplistic and beautiful beyond compare, the 3GS Diamond is obviously directed at the lovely ladies but its sheer attractiveness will make it quite appealing for some men as well. Made of 18c solid, the iPhone has a replacement rear plate and bezel made from rose gold of about 150gms. The phone is further adorned with girl’s best friend; 53 pink diamonds shimmer in the Apple logo set in rose gold.

The iPhone hype may be more than one can stand but even though no other specifications of the phone are given, it certainly looks like a sure seller. The iPhone 3GS Diamond is set to be released later this week and will cost a whopping $35,575.
Via: iLounge
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