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Decorating Zen Style - "Less Is More" Home Decorating Tips

Decorating Zen Style

 One of the latest trends in home decor and home decor wall accessories, zen decorating is here to stay. People want to feel calm and balanced in their daily lives.

 And since your home should be a warm, comfortable place to relax, it is the best place to create the balanced, peaceful atmosphere you are searching for!

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 Zen means meditation in Japanese. Not surprisingly decorating zen style is an important element of Japanese home decoration.

 It's more than a word though. Zen reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. And that's not the same as dull and boring!

 There are no such things as zen sofas or tables. It's not a design style, but a way of arranging your home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stresses and hassle of your daily routine.

 But what home decorating tips do you need to put this into practice?

 Three words: less is more. That's the golden principle when decorating zen style.

 First, take a critical look at your living space. Which pieces of furniture do you really need and use? Which home decor wall accessories and other items can you do without?

 Have a garage sale, give your second couch to a friend, take your old books to a secondhand store...whatever! As long as you get rid of anything you don't need!.

 We've become used to amassing furniture pieces, home decor items and other "stuff" we feel we need. But instead of giving us fulfillment, these busy interiors add to the restlessness of the era we’re living in!

 And cluttering our walls with home decor pieces is often an error most people make--but once again, less is more.

 After the garage sale, rearrange what is left. Keep it simple and functional. Buy something new only if needed.

Home Decorating Tips Using Zen Style Principles

 Decorate with the five elements of nature: water, earth, fire, wood and metal.

 For example:
 Buy an indoor fountain or a nice, framed poster of a waterfall.
 Decorate your room with a plant or two (Remember, less is more), a ceramic figurine or glass object.
 Create a cozy fireplace, or if your room doesn't have one, get yourself an interesting collection of candles.
 Get a piece or two of wooden furniture.  Decorating with bamboo is a current trend that looks great.
 Use metal lamps for lighting, and look around locally for artisans that do metal art.

 Most of all...do not use plastic!

 Now, regarding the use of color, which ones should you use? This is an important question since colors affect our moods.

 When decorating in zen style, earthy colors are the most suitable. Think of sky blue, brown, deep green...white and pale violets are also work well.

Keep your home decor wall accessories to a minimum, and add natural light with a decorative, airy curtain. Your zen room is now ready!

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