Caravisio concept camper

German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert decided we needed to rethink the traditional camper design. The result is the Caravisio, a yacht-like design that Tabbert calls “the caravan of the future.”

The Caravisio was built for superior aerodynamic performance with its V-shapped design. Inside, the front bedroom (with two single beds, which can be combined into one double bed) offers a large panoramic window.

The bathroom is fuller and more spacious and high tech than traditional camper bathrooms. An intelligent water management system controls water usage with the help of its own touchscreen. The entire camper is wired for the latest technology, including a finger scanner that locks and unlocks the Caravisio’s doors. In the back, the interior opens to a fold out deck.

At this time, Tabbert doesn’t have a production plan for the Caravisio, but his project certainly is a harbinger to future luxury campers.

By Matthew Breen

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