Bulgari Collaborates with Mariott to Open Its First Ever Luxury Hotel in London

With a whole slew of new luxury hotels coming up before the 2012 Summer Olympics, even Bulgari has ventured into the hospitality market to make the most of the onrush of tourists expected later this year in London. With other designer houses like Armani and Gucci already dabbling in this field, it was only time before other fashion houses also decided to follow suit. 

Bulgari has played it safe by collaborating with the Hotel Chain giant, the Mariott Group to open its first hotel property. Slated to open this April, the hotel will most certainly be able to have a full-house this year, thanks to the mega sports event in the city. It will also be able to cash in on its brand name and attract the brand conscious sports enthusiasts who flock to London.

The hotel will have 85 luxury suites and will also house a number of bigger living areas like the 9,260 sq ft penthouse on its 7th floor. Since it is Bulgari, we can expect a great design, both inside and out. In fact, Francesco Trapani, CEO of Bulgari said that the interiors have been built with the finest quality material be it expensive Italian marble, rare wood, and exquisite furniture pieces.

The amenities match the high standard and will include an 80-seat Italian cuisine restaurant, a bar, a huge ballroom, library, cigar corner, screening room with a seating capacity of almost 50 people, a swimming pool, and a 12 room spa. Guessing from all this, it will definitely cost you the big bucks to check in here. But if your discerning taste expects nothing but the best, then this is definitely the place to be.

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