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Use Vertical Space :

 Vertical space - in other words, wall space - is a must-use in a small kitchen, but keep the room feeling as spacious as possible by choosing slim narrow units with glazed doors. From the Liding collection by Ikea

Glaze The Ceiling:

Not a possibility for everyone, but if you're planning on putting on a kitchen extension, it's the ideal opportunity to make the room feel as big as possible. Get it right and you can even successfully use a light-sucking, space-stealing color like black for the units. Schiffini kitchen from DesignSpace London

Add Color :

A small kitchen has fewer chances to express its personality than a large one, so if you want yours to be fun-packed, choose doors in a bold color. From the Limhamn collection by Ikea .

Undress The Window :

A small room needs all the light it can get, so keep the window not only unadorned, but also free of clutter. If you need privacy, use window film. Bespoke kitchen from Barnes of Ashburton.

Install Gloss Units :

Glossy units are still right on trend - and they have the upside of reflecting lots of light, making a small space feel larger. Exaggerate the effect with almost as glossy flooring. Wooden floor from UK Flooring Direct.

Accommodate Awkward Angles : 

Add Texture :

Another way to up the personality of your small kitchen is to choose a variety of textures in your scheme. So, you might go for a heavily grained wood worktop or an exposed brick wall, as shown here. Arteplano towel radiator from Bisque.

Create A View :

In a galley kitchen, create a view at the far end, whether with a door or large window - doing so will open the room up and help it to feel brighter and larger. Keats kitchen from Wren Kitchens.

Create A Kitchen Garden :

A small kitchen usually means a small or no garden, so use your window as a suspended kitchen garden, growing herbs where you might usually hang blinds. Kitchen from the Norrtorp collection by Ikea.

Buy Tall Cabinets :

Whether your kitchen is being squeezed into an awkwardly shaped space or into a conversion, you'll need to use every inch available. The ideal is to get taller than average wall units to make the most of storage space, and to fit open shelves into the smallest of gaps to take extras, such as cookery books.

Get A Breakfast Bar:

When it comes to a small kitchen, it's all about being clever. So, if there's a return that you can add a breakfast bar to - do it. Equally, if you can stand your kitchen on show-legs so that you can see beneath your units, that will trick the eye into seeing the kitchen as larger than it is, especially if your flooring is reflective.

Pick Light Colors :

Creams and whites make any space feel larger, but think carefully about wear and tear in a busy kitchen

Open Up The Room :

French doors allow light to fill an otherwise pokey space, thereby enlarging it.

Think Outside The Box :

Dishwasher and storage drawers are all the rage due to their efficient use of space.

Light It Well :

Down-lighters beneath cupboards are practical for when you're cooking, and will soften the impact of bulky cupboards.

Save Drawer Space :

Here there are countless creative ways of storing utensils on a wall, freeing up drawer space.

Cheat The Eye :

Units in white above red based units lift the eye and help cheat the space into looking bigger than it is. 
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