Modern fireplaces - Characteristics And Interior Décor Ideas

Modern living room with a sleek fireplace built into the wall unit

Large open floor plan featuring a stylish fireplace room dividing structure

Spacious living area with a partial fireplace wall as a focal point

Contemporary home with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a minimalist fireplace

Minimalist, long fireplace integrated into the wall and complemented by warm colors

Eclectic living room with diverse accent pieces and a wall-mounted fireplace

Partial space divider with a built-in fireplace that can be enjoyed from both sides

Modern home with exposed brick accent walls and a fireplace space divider

 Modern media room with a gray-based décor and a fireplace built-into the wall unit 

Glamorous living room with panoramic views and a sleek, long fireplace

Contemporary family room with a fireplace built into the furniture

Warm and cozy family room with wood-paneled accent walls and a fireplace room divider

Fire orb hanging fireplace for buildings with tall ceilings

Partial accent wall featuring a black and white contrast, built-in fireplace and elegant pattern
They come in a variety of models, designs, shapes and sizes so there are plenty of options to choose from. They can easily become a part of the décor and they can be integrated into the wall or in the design of the furniture. They can even be sued as room dividers. So with the change in design also come changes on other levels. They might not be able to create the same coziness that traditional fireplaces did, but modern fireplaces present a multitude of other great advantages worth discussing.

Minimalist corner fireplace that lets you enjoy it from every angle

Inviting family room with a TV and fireplace built into the wall

Bright and airy living room interior with a stylish fireplace going all the way up to the ceiling

Modern fireplace blending into the minimalist brown accent wall

 Stylish living room with a collage of geometrical shapes including a fireplace. 

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