Kitchen islands ideas - Adding a Modern Touch to Your Home | Home decor ideas

Storage, counter space, seating, prep station -- a kitchen island can be all these things and more. These versatile kitchen centerpieces can be modified to suit your needs. Are you a baker? Make the island baking central, with bins for your supplies and countertops conducive to rolling dough. Is storage your main kitchen concern? 

Then select deep drawers and slide-out shelving that transforms dead space into usable storage. Because of its usual location in the center of the kitchen, the island becomes a natural focal point. It makes sense, then, to choose an island that accentuates your kitchen's decor. A kitchen island crafted from cabinetry that matches your kitchen is always a safe choice.

Add a high-low countertop to distinguish the eating area from kitchen countertop space. Or position the sink or cooktop on the island to create a stand-alone workstation. Another option is to think outside the box by considering a freestanding island, such as an antique table or a restaurant-grade cart. Consider the size and layout of your kitchen when determining the dimensions of your island. Even a small kitchen island can add function and additional storage.

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