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Nurseries for the tiniest members of your home present big decorating opportunities. Whether you're starting from scratch or sprucing up what you already have, decorating a baby nursery takes planning and imagination. But our soothing and sweet nursery ideas are sure to give you the inspiration you need to create a dream nursery for your baby. Our best nurseries range in styles from simple and classic to bold and modern.

Take a look at our favorite themed nurseries featuring motifs such as storybooks, zoo animals, and the great outdoors. Or browse our gender-neutral nurseries that are sure to offer staying power well into your baby's toddler, kid, and even teen years. Our favorite nurseries are never short on style or inspiration for color palettes, decor, and bedroom furniture.

Browse our beautiful nursery images to find a color scheme that's sure to soothe your baby. See how you can transform outdated bedroom furniture into baby-friendly pieces that will blend classic charm with modern style. Finally, learn how to arrange your baby's nursery to make the most of limited square footage and create plenty of play space.

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