Real vs. Fake Paco Rabanne "One Million"

"1 Million" by Paco Rabanne is one of the most common fragrances in the world, and commonly faked, mostly in the 100mL size.

Here's the front of the boxes (fake left - Gen right) two differences really. The genuine box has a much shinier gold color to it rather than the nearly mat golf finish on the fake. The print isn't so fine on the fake, on the M bellow the 1 it should have ribs down the middle but the fake some of them are missing.

 Bottom of the boxes (fake left - Gen right) has a different layout and the stamped serial number is a bit clearer on the original one.

 Tops of the boxes, the PR on the fake isn't quite straight 

 The backs (fake left - original right) once again different lay out but like I said I'm not sure if this is just an old reused box or a fake one!

 Front of the actual bottles. As you can see there is a color difference, the fake has a rosey tinge to the gold where as the real one looks like a lighter shade of pure gold. Also the finish on the fake isn't as smooth as the gen.

The Fake is also shorter shown here.

 The tops are very similar, here you can see the difference in color and the fake has a much sharper tacky looking symbol compared to the original . The gen looks better made too.

 The side of the top of the bottle isn't very clean cut where it meets the bottle on the fake.

 Where as the original one is and looks crisp

 At the bottom on both sides the fake has marks/lines up the side of about 1-2cm 

original  one doesn't

 On the bottom of the fake there are some random marks in the middle (some have numbers) but mine doesn't even look like anything!

 the original one will be blank and look neat! 

 Fake ones bottom, stamp info is in a different order than the original

 the original on looking crisp and neat 

The actual color when you compare them and how full it is (remember these are both brand new) 

The serial number stamper on the bottom of the box will match if its real!

 Real: the 1 is a bit faint on the bottle.

I hope this helps anyone looking for genuine Paco Rabanne "One million" and prevents people being ripped off. Hope you have all found this information helpful ! 

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