Vera Wang’s New Beverly Hills House

Vera Wang has purchased a spacious Beverly Hills house on a hill near the Coldwater Canyon. The glass and steel abode overlooks the city of L.A. as well as the ocean. The 4,394 square foot house was built in 1967 and later renovated. The four bedroom, four bathroom house now features a swimming pool, home theater, spa, glass walls, and an open design.

The interior design of Vera Wang’s new Beverly Hills house is light mostly in black and white color scheme. The black steel framing gives the house a modern look and a chic classic contrast since the interior is featured mostly in white with cream upholstery, occasional wooden wall panels, and silver steel furniture.

The house entrance is decorated with side fountains and pebbles, big floor vases with twigs leading the way to the spacious living area that is divided into sectors. There is an eating area, lounge area with a fireplace and TV, one more lounge area and an open entrance to the kitchen. There are also lounge and sitting areas outside by the pool.

Bedrooms are in the same color scheme featuring wooden wardrobes and offering beautiful views on the pool which is surrounded by trimmed green lawns and little lights set by the pool’s perimeter. The built-in lighting is featured in the ceilings and stairs leading to the pool. The house has been reportedly purchased for $10 million.

Vera Wang’s New Beverly Hills House is very modern and sleek with pops of natural materials. Glazed walls let lot of natural light in making it possible to enjoy beautiful views from inside the house. The house other side of the house features trees and the house is surrounded with privacy shrubs.
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