Bright Bathroom Design Ideas

Bright bathroom design can be warm and welcoming or mysterious and relaxing it’s up to what colors you choose and how you play them. The easiest way to bring some color to your bathroom is to throw in some bright and bold accents and accessories like towels, vases and plants that match and contrast your bathroom’s color scheme. Using color blocking technique to create bold and bright bathroom design.

Another way of refreshing your bathroom design with color is to use colorful rugs and furniture in the room. These will make more impact in terms of color simply because accessories are smaller. Tables, sink vanities, chairs, and couches can be of bold color that compliments your bathroom color scheme.

Bright colors may not be solid. Use patterns and prints to jazz up your bathroom even more. Tile mosaics will also look great. Using patterns against some bold color is a very refreshing and bold move. So experiment and see what comes out as a result in your design kit. If you like it, then go with it.

Stripes, florals, abstract and geometric prints can make your bathroom look unique and cool if you play with them in an unusual way. Clash prints with solid bright unexpected hues, think unconventional mixes and design solutions. An all-white bathroom is like a black sheet that can be splashed with any color you like. Playing with color intensity in bathroom decorations and accessories can be a great way to color your blank bathroom page.
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