New 3G iPhone in Black and White Diamonds

When the “rubies on phone” 3G iPhone was launched, people like me were happy to look at it from a distance. I say it because I cannot handle too feminine look of the handset, does not gel well with the way I carry myself. If you have been reading my posts, you would have guessed that my personality is that I prefer subtle to loud, under stated to gaudy. The new black and white diamond 3G iPhone is something that I would love to carry with me even if I am going to a corporate meet or to attend my grand uncle’s funeral! Sorry to use the expression but it really bugs me every time my sister takes the SIM out of her ruby phone and inserts in some appropriate handset, whenever we have to go for some mourning.
I certainly do not mind paying �3599 ($6,500) for this little useful device!
Via ContinentalMobiles
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