James Bond Inspired Toy Cars Attract the 007 Fans

Though James Bond Scalextric is not a reality, the toy manufacturer has striven to craft the iconic car look exactly alike. The Scalextric James Bond Cars are modelled with satisfactory details like head and tail lights, magnatraction system, detailed interiors, and digital plug. They are manufactured in limited edition with only 3,500 pieces available to the fans. They are priced between $80 and $190.

The Bonds cars are accessible in James Bond 007 Skyfall Scalextric Set and Micro Scalextric James Bond Skyfall. The idea of Bond car chase and its excitement is expressed in this grand set featuring a huge eight track including a tight hairpin, two crossover curves and raised bridge section. As you are a great admirer of James Bond 007 series you might be obsessed to drive, spin and jump them around owning the replica of Aston Martin DB5. But your wish would remain as a dream with a miniature version.

The theme of James bond 007 films always related with cars. If you were a fan of the world famous secret agent, James Bond as well as huge Aston fan you could see the rare car again in the upcoming fall.  The Aston with ejector seat, revolving license plate and machine guns first had appeared in 1964′s Gold finger. Its timeless classic design and incredible machine make it reappear in future. You would love to see your all-time favorites with special features again in a 007 movie. Cars that appear in the movie of Skyfall already have been brought out and decorated in packaging front.
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