Garmin introduces Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watches

Looking forward to cool your heels this summer with a ‘perfecto’ golf season? Then why not do it in style and by being a techno savvy. Technology has become an integral part of the sporting world. Gone are those day when everything from tracking the scores to planning game strategies was done manually. Like many other sports, Golf has also gone the high tech way.  It was not very long ago that the Hercules Golf Master Watch took our lush green golf courses by storm. The watch’s GPS technology gave an accurate understanding of the distance covered in a shot and helped  in improving your next shot.

Garmin with its Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf watch has gone a step further and has ensured that the golfers have a whale of a time and an innovative gaming experience on the course. The most unique feature of this watch, which by the way not at all looks like a bulky sporty time wear, is that it contains as many as 27,000 detailed golf courses followed world wide.

The long and short of it is that you may be any part of the world, the Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watch will make your game just the way you want it. What also adds to the excitement is that all these courses come without any subscriptions of fees!

The watch comes with a $350 price tag. The non touch screen ones will cost you a $250. The lower edition contains only 18,000 courses.
To know more about this sleek time piece, which will not look bad at all of you were to wear it on a regular basis, read on!

Interesting Features of the Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf watch

While trotting around the golf course it is always good to have a professional caddy accompany you. The caddy does everything from acquainting the player with on field rules to counselling him when the golfer’s planning the perfect shot.  A bad caddy can very easily ruin your game. However, with the Approach around your wrist you will never have to be worry about how professional and skilled your caddy is for the watch comes with a virtual caddy. It will do everything that a caddy does including helping you choose appropriate golf stick for the next shot.

Despite being loaded, the watch weighs only 2 ounces, the watch will give an accurate and detailed information regarding the layout, green shape and distance of the course.  The Green View feature of the watch enables you to get a clear idea of the green. By simply touching the screen you can plan the day’s pin placement. The watch is also waterproof and comes with a dial which can be read even in bright sunlight. So while donning this watch you can never let the weather play spoil sport. Also, the watch helps you keep with a track scores and comes with a battery which comes with eight hours of playtime. The watch comes in two colour combinations – red and white and black and gray.
As Dan Bartel, Vice-President, Garmin states, “the Approach S3 creates a new advantage of golfers around the world”.
 Via Garmin
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