Dick Clark Lists Flintstones-Like Luxury Malibu Home For $3.5M

How would you like to live like the Flintstones, but in high-end luxury? If yes, fly to Malibu, California as soon as you can. Hollywood actor and producer Dick Clark has put his stone age-like luxury Malibu home on the market. The one-of-a-kind home has many things going for it. Its Hollywood association and innovative architecture are points in its favor. The luxury Malibu home is regarded as one of the landmark properties in the city. This stunning home offers brilliant views of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, Boney Mountains and Serrano Valley. Built out of stone, this luxury Malibu home also offers views of stunning sunsets, and you are never too far away from the lights of the city.

The property is listed at $3.5 million and covers 22.89 acres. The star attraction here is the main residence that houses a single bedrooms and two bathrooms. As you must have already guessed, this is no family home. The property’s website also describes it as a romantic Malibu retreat. The celebrity angle adds to the overall charm of this interesting luxury Malibu home. The luxury mansion is ideal for intimate dinner parties. An extra bedroom or two may have been nice, but this luxury Malibu home is quite spacious. The living and dining areas feature vaulted ceilings and a wood-burning fireplace. Glass has been used throughout the main residence to brilliant effect. Meanwhile, the master suite is spacious, and yet, romantically cozy.

It is secluded and private, but not too far away from civilization either. The famous Malibu beach is only minutes away.
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