BMC Road Bike Inspired by Lamborghini Aventador Available for $26,000

The Lamborghini Aventador is not only an aspirational but an inspirational automobile. Its special editions attract even more attention and it has inspired designers to create thematic accessories dedicated to it. The Omas pens were inspired by the tangerine color of the sports car. Then there have been memorable editions like the J Aural edition and the Boeing 787 edition. Now it is the BMC road bikes that has got into the act. They have created a limited edition series of cycles and named it Automobili Lamborghini BMC Impec edition.

BMC is known for its premier sports bike range and they have outdone themselves with their new creation. BMC has used the same flavor of design as the Aventador and have also used the same premium fabrication. The stylish bike has been priced at $26,000 and only 30 pieces have been planned for production. The color pattern of the bike is the same as the Aventador. The bright tangerine body color is highlighted with basic body work in black. The wheels and the main frame are black as it has been crafted out of carbon fiber. You can clearly see elements of fabrication of the stylish sports car.

The performance of the bike is also superior as it boasts of technological features like the electronic Shimano Dura Ace Di2 shifting mechanism. It allows the rider to change gears swiftly. The design logo on the head tube of the frame is very prominently visible. The handle bar and saddle are hand crafted out of suede leather. The piping detail on the airbrushed seat is clearly inspired by the Aventador LP-700. The bike is on display at the Brian & Barry Store in Milan. The limited edition bike will be distributed through exclusive BMC stores or the Lamborghini dealers. Remember, there are just 30 of them so you have to be alert if you want one.
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