Wodtke Gold Fireplace Adds the Midas Touch to Your Home Decor

Fireplaces add a touch of luxury to your home décor and become the focal point of a room. The design and look of the fireplace has evolved and changed continually with the changing trends of home interiors. The wood burning fireplaces have made way for eco-friendly fireplaces. 

Designers have occasionally created luxury fireplaces that add value to the décor of a room even in summer months when it is not in use. There have been some really fancy fireplaces created in the past like the Swarovski crystal fireplace by Justen Ladda and the Iron Dog Huradax which became the world’s most expensive fireplace because of its price tag of $4 million.

There is another premium fireplace that has been created in Germany. It is a fireplace that has been given the Midas touch or the golden treatment. Called the Wodtke Gold Fireplace, it is an eco-friendly model with suitable operational mechanisms in place. If you take into account the cost of the materials used to make this fireplace the pricing seems to be quite reasonable at $7,929 or €5,890 if you live in Europe. The light weight fireplace is created out of a rusted stainless steel frame which is covered with gold-leaf. Called the Tuto Gold model, Wodtke has given it a royal makeover with a gold leaf wrapping on the outside.

LED modules have been fitted inside the frame. If you are not enamored with gold there are options available with other finishes. You may opt for the wooden, bronze, and even the acrylic black piano finish to match it with décor of the room where you want to place it. The fireplace has been designed in such a way that it can fit on your front porch, living room, garden, or even the pavilion. The fireplace can be moved around quite easily as it weighs only 54 kgs.
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