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Luxury Cat Bed
For the dramatic kitty in your life, this luxurious Luxury Cat Bed is the ultimate in style for kitty! This Luxury Cat Bed is made with what looks to be faux fur – it is removable and washable. Your pussy cat will thank you! via:

 Heatable Cat Beds, the Ultimate Feline Luxury
Treat your frisky feline to a warm and snuggly haven with our Heatable Cat Bed. Just heat the herbal insert briefly in the microwave to create a warm comfy place for your cat. The warmth is like snuggling up with the litter and for aging and ailing pets, the moist heat soothes arthritic joints and sore muscles.
$80 from Wrapables

  Pink Feather Canopy Pet Bed
The Feather Canopy is the bed for your "Pampered Princess." Every detail of this bed offers the ultimate in luxury! The pink and white Boa feathers beautify and accentuate the bedding. The soft and cozy bedding is a fluffy, posh, pink faux fur. The sleeping cushion and bolster is zippered, removable and is machine washable with cold water and line dry. The feathers are not washable.
Price: $329.00

 Catwheel Scratcher & Lounge
This new scratcher-lounger combo called the Catwheel sports some faux fur, which I know most moderncat owners try to avoid, but I think it’s tastefully done here. The cozy barrel measures 16″ long and 12″ in diameter, providing a snugly napping spot on the inside and a tough textured scratching surface on the outside
Order one today from The Sophisticated Cat.

 Plush Sports Car Bed - Red
This red car-shaped cuddler is made of luxurious plush fabric over soft foam. It features a zippered storage compartment under the hood.

 Cats with a wild side may enjoy this Safari Print bed that reminds them of their wild cousins. The metal-frame bed will hold cats up to 30 pounds, and requires some assembly. Bolsters on three sides keep drafts off kitty's back and give him a secure feeling while sleeping. It can be yours for $85.95.

Hanging Cat Bed Takes up No Floor Space
The Kittywalk Closet Sleeper hangs from the closet rod at a perfect height for cats. It’s below your clothes and above your shoes, giving your kitty a private place to hide away. And he won’t have to go far when he wants to rub against your pants and shoes, leaving little hairs all over your clothes (something he’ll do whether there’s a bed in the closet or not).
$70 at Solutions.

 Cat bed

 Cat beds

Funny cat bed

Cat Beds | Pet Cat Beds | Cat Furniture

 Cats Corner Bed
This unique bed for cats is designed to fit neatly in any corner. Each durable wooden bed includes two soft cushions for cats to sleep on.
Sale: $98.99

 Luxury Wall Rise cat bed
These luxury cat beds connect to your wall through four concealed screw points (supports a cat of any size). Numerous beds may be set up in vertical or horizontal positions to create a simultaneous exercise / play / rest area. Foam cushions are removable and machine washable.
Price: $950.00

 Luxury cat bed

Atmosphere Cat Bed
This round cat bed provides cats not only a safe refuge, but sleeping comfort as well. A true favorite among the cat crowd, this comfy cat bed provides great comfort to the beloved feline. The Cat N’ Round warms thousands of cats nationwide. Buy Now

The weather is already starting to warm up here in Arizona, but across most of the US, it’s still winter. While kitty waits for spring to arrive, she might like one of these cozy heated cat beds. There are several varieties to choose from, and most are on sale right now at Here are a few styles that look toasty warm:
  1. Cuddle Up Heated Cat Bed – 16″ diameter orthopedic foam base. Regularly $63.93, now $47.95 with free shipping.
  2. Heated Kitty Cabin – Folds into three different shapes, removable heater and washable cover. Available in mocha or sage. Regularly $72.95, now $57.95 with free shipping.
  3. Heated Kitty Throw – A soft heated blanket that measures 24″ x 36″. Regularly $87.93, now $65.95 with free shipping.
  4. Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper – A cozy heated tent measuring 11″ x 14″ x 20″. Regularly $99.93, now $74.95 with free shipping.
  5. Heated Kitty Hut – 18″ diameter for larger cats. Available in mocha or sage. Regularly $68.95, now $54.95 with free shipping.
  6. Heated Cat Crinkle Sack – Crinkly noise and orthopedic foam base. Measures 10″ x 15″ x 12″. Regularly $77.27, now $57.95 with free shipping.
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