World’s Thinnest Laptop: Acer Ultrabook Aspire S5

Acer company unveils ‘world’s thinnest’ Ultrabook, the Aspire S5 which uses the same letter in previous year’s S3 ultra book. Acer Aspire S5 didn’t take very long to reveal itself as the “world’s thinnest” product. Everybody knew it would’be introduced at the CES in 2012. The ultrathin laptop case is designed by New York based designer Brad Escalon for your S3 Ultrabook or similar such models.

To accommodate your thin ultrabook, you need a case which should satisfy many criteria like interior padding with quality materials to give protection for your laptop and accessories against bumps and knocks, and it should be comfortable to carry with detachable and extendable strap for the shoulder and slip pockets for cables and paperwork.

Range of laptops with new dimensions need new stylish and cool cases. For instance, recently released the Acer Aspire S5 and S3 Ultra books need protective cases for the new modeled design and frame. The protective case saves the sleek gadget from damage; the stylish, ultra-thin plastic case is quite light weight for ultrabook. 

The outer shell saves from mechanical damage, and the interior protects from moisture. The outer surface can be customized with vinyl stickers. You could change the straps, selecting new colors. 

The lightweight bag with ‘charzher’ can be carried everywhere with you.  You could connect directly to any computer with the help of small strap with a USB connector and “fork” a removable nozzle. This will immensely make easier the lives of users of Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook or similar models, which allows you to work for a long time with your computer.

 Via: Thefabweb
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