World’s most exclusive hotel rests above River Thames in London

When it comes to luxury suites, there is absolutely no dearth of options, at least when it comes to a city like London. But the city seems to have unveiled a new definition to exclusivity with something called as ‘A Room for London.’ Touted to be the world’s most exclusive hotel, this one is inspired from a river boat and is perched on a roof high above the Thames. The one-unit hotel here can accommodate only     guests a night and will only stay open for a year. This translates into a fact that less than 800 people will ever get onboard this one thus making every other elite hotel property you have known less-exclusive.

This unique hotel is a project of Artangel and Living Architecture. The hotel was designed by David Kohn Architects with artist Fiona Banner. They say their inspiration for this one stems out of the steamer Joseph Conrad captained in the Congo in 1890, a journey echoed in his celebrated novella Heart of Darkness. The photos of the interior set up is yet to surface but going by the press release, it’s safe to assume that this one will be bestowed with class-apart amenities.

It will be en-suite double bedroom complete with a kitchenette, a viewing deck, and, of course, a library. The designers look upon this as something where visitors would indulge in some sort of introspection and also reflection on what they see and hear during the one night stay.
The hotel will open for bookings in January for the period of July to December. The rate card for this one will be about $185 which is pretty humble for a set-up like this in London city.
Via: FastCodeDesign
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