Vasily: A crescent shape bathroom radiator that looks more like a work of art

A bathroom radiator does not really bring to mind a beautiful picture. But the Uk- based Aestus company has brought out something so amazing, that your image of a bathroom radiator will change forever. I present to your the Vasily radiator, that falls nothing short of being a work of art. I know people have started to bring out functional art these days, and I think that is great, but this is really out of this world!

The radiators are crescent in shape, and are made to look like a silver moon. It also has beautiful floral etching on it that add to its stunning looks. The Vasily bathroom radiator is slim and sleek, and is made of ultra-thin 8mm aluminium sheet. Due to this, it can be put up easily and anywhere in the bathroom. Come to think of it, why just the bathroom? This thing is so pretty that it can be placed anywhere in the house!

You also get to choose from different colours and treatments such as brushed, satin or feathered aluminium, copper, and even silver Leaf finishes. This gorgeous radiator will cost your around £1,797. The pricing is quite steep, but I guess it will also work as an art piece so maybe you could think of it as a multi-purpose investment.
Via: Trendir
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