Ulysse Nardin Announce the Official Sponsorship of Monaco Yacht Show

Ulysse Nardin have been known and respected for the manufacture and design of marine chronometers since 1846. They are, perhaps the oldest and the most experienced in this field and have been called the king of the seas as they expertly steer captains and their crews with faultless precision for over a century and a half. They have not only been in the business of horology but have always stood up for and supported the related industries.

To show its solidarity with the yachting community and highlight its history in high horology and above all to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Monaco Yacht Show, Ulysse Nardin proudly announces  its official sponsorship of this monumental event scheduled for September 22 to 25th at Port Hercules, Monaco. To make the event unforgettable Ulysse Nardin has created, exclusively for the occasion, a limited edition timepiece. The 100 pieces only that are being manufactured will be unveiled during the show and will go a long way in demonstrating their support for the prestigious event.

They have named the timepiece “Monaco”. This latest addition to their renowned marine collection has been designed and created  with the most influential industry leaders and the private clientele in mind. Since there will be only hundred of them it will become a status symbol. If you own one it will show your passion for yachting and at the same time confirm your standing in the industry.
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