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Take a bath in a one-of-a-kind solid river stone bathtub by SDA Decoration.

 A solid white marble bathtub by SDA Decoration makes a truly unique and unexpected feature in your bathroom.

For those of you with a unique sense of aesthetic and a love for the outdoors (and a home that could support a herd of elephants), feast your eyes on this solid stone bathtub by the French design firm, SDA Decoration.  Weighing in at nearly 1 ton or even more, each bathtub is made from a solid piece of river stone and is painstakingly carved and polished by hand.  Unique in shape and ranging in colors from beige to tan and brown to dark gray, no two solid stone tubs are the same.
If the river stone model doesn’t do anything for you, maybe the solid stone bathtub carved from a solid piece of marble will.  The marble stone bathtubs come in black, white, yellow, or gray depending on your design needs.  

If you’d like to acquire one of these stunning bathtubs, you’ll have to have it imported.  I have no doubt that the end result will be well worth the trouble.
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