Sergey Makhno Unveils Luxury Apartment in Kiev

Sergey Makhno, a Russian designer and Architect and has created a luxury apartment in capital city Kiev, Ukraine. The flat has traditional appeal and lively spirit with the walls which have panels and have been painted in dark shades like blue, green and bluish grey and black etc. The floor is covered with wooden planks, and crown molding which is above average in size. The house is harmoniously blended with angled side and rectangular block and different shapes.

The space of the apartment is dynamic and interest stimulating, simultaneously the designs are eye catching and inviting which is in five hundred and thirty eight square feet size. The construction is in deconstruction style. There are clusters of cross light which are hanging in most of all rooms. The bathroom fixtures are not in rectangular line. The Rooms and hallways in house are decorated with non-rectilinear furniture. Here elegance and simplicity go together with impressive interiors with minimalist approach.

Sergey Makhno , a workshop project manager, designer, architect and an artist with his artistic vision tries to combine things which are not compatible.  Apart from architecture, he designs collages, pictures and furniture for the fascinating apartments. He has founded “Makhno Interior Workshop”. The ceiling of some area may be low where as others may be triangle. The small block is in varying lengths and sizes. The uncomplicated roofs have many rooflines and slopes in different directions with angled sides. The shapes and angles with varied mix of décor have its own characteristic personality

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