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 A look at the Schöpfer Infinitas Yacht.
Did someone say yacht?  Yes please.  This 300 ft (91 m) mega yacht by Schöpfer was inspired by the symbol of infinity.  Branded the “Infinitas”, the beautiful yacht with looks straight out of a video game boasts a swimming pool, helipad, a captains suite, and six guest suites.  

The Infiitas yacht is large enough to comfortably host 16 guests, as well as crew members within its sleek and defined walls, ensuring for an unforgettable yachting experience.

On the main level, you’ll find the dining room and living room separated by the pool, kitchen, storage, the main salon, and the helipad.

 Schopfer Infinitas Yacht, Main Level Salon

 On the second level are the six guest suites and bow deck.  The owner’s suite, pilot house, upper deck, and “sky bridge” are located on the third level.  Below the yacht’s main level are the engine, crew, storage, and mechanical rooms.

 If you’ve got at least $150 million burning a hole in your pocket, might I make you a suggestion?

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