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Happy Love Day, lovers... 

Whether single or coupled, Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse to be thankful for all the loves we have in our lives, wouldn't you agree?

Although... I have to say, if I were in the position to be asking for little love gifts, this would absolutely be at the top of my list... 

 Who needs flashy, when this little ring from St. Kilda says it all?

*images via flickr, martha stewart, matt jones for marie claire

Imagine that instead of decorating just the table for Valentine's Day (one vase of flowers, anyone?) that you spread the love and infused pinks, reds and a serious heart motif into every room of the house!? Well, that's exactly what designer Jennifer Brouwer did with this client's home - and the result is surprisingly fun, fresh and not even close to tacky.

The trick to doing this well is simply swapping out a few elements in your existing home with pieces that pack a punch like a huge heart welcome rug! The white lamps were given a little makeover with cutout hearts - easily removed after the holiday.

I love the living room space because these elements so obviously work outside of Valentine's Day.

 I mean - that ottoman - shut UP! The biggest additions here were a Burberry inspired accent wall and heart artwork. Too over the top for you? Just leave the palette to speak for itself. A few red throw pillows get the message across, and matte black walls are as sexy as they are sophisticated... all year round. 

 My favorite area (no surprise!) is the dining room! The walls received a pink and cream zebra treatment for fun, and the ceiling coated in red paper. An Ikea pendant gets an extra fun detail with heart stickers placed in the middle of each 'flower'. Of course, if you don't have a lacquered red table, a red tablecloth will do just fine. Maybe some pink pillows on your chairs? 

And finally - the girls' room. Seriously, if I were a 5-year-old and walked into this room, I would FREAK. OUT. As Jenn put it, "This idea goes far beyond heart shape sandwiches in the lunch box."  

Again, some easy to replicate details make all the difference. No need to reupholster the headboard when it's simply painted on! And, pretty little hearts placed randomly in the lighting fixture make a big impact. If you're like me and a bit of a cynic when it comes to this holiday, the least you can do is spread the love to your little ones and make their day with some of these fun touches!

What do you think? Are you inspired to add an extra dose of pink and red or some heart-shaped elements to your home for Valentine's Day?
* photography by donna griffith. design by jennifer brouwer interior design

Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic heart

Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

 Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

 Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

Valentine’s Day Decoration with romantic hearts

 Blend of Red Color on the Interior Design of a Romantic Bedroom

 Carpet and chandelier in romantic bedroom

 Romantic Handmade Valentine's Day Decorations

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