Garia 2+2 Is A Multi-Functional Luxury Golf Cart

Golfers who love cars can add Lamborghini style to their ride with Pennwick golf carts. Those who are environmentally conscious can scope out solar powered golfing trips. As for the golf enthusiast who is not picky but loves a touch of luxury, the Garia 2+2 is a great investment.

The Garia 2+2 is the 4-seater avatar of the popular Garia luxury golf carts. The new multi-functional golf cart is the ideal buggy to take you and select friends and family around your favorite golf course. Moreover, if you already have a Garia luxury golf cart, the rear seat can easily be retro-fitted on to it. The rear seat comes with attached seat belts as well, for added safety.

If you are looking for a lightweight luxury golf cart that looks nice and is easy to handle, the Garia 2+2 is a good choice. The Garia website describes it as being “ideal for daily errands and quick commutes”.

And its distinguishing feature is the rear seat, which measures 16 inches in length, 34 inches in width and 37 inches in height. It can accommodate up to 150 kg. Moreover, there is plenty of storage space beneath the seat. So you need not carry all the golf gear on your laps.

The carpeted space below the seat accommodates 58 liters of gear and other items. Moreover, a gas damper keeps your seat in place while you rummage underneath for your stuff. The add-on seat also includes a non-slip floor footrest. Plus, you can stuff umbrellas, bags and other things into the space between the seats.
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