Faberge Presents A Shining Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant For Valentine’s Day

One of the most anticipated occasions of the year, Valentine’s Day, the day of ‘love’ is just around the corner and has brought along with it a maddening shopping rush, where both genders vie to get the best possible Valentine’s Day gift for their better halves. One of the most well renowned Russian jewelry firms, House of Faberge, has come out with its own offering for the occasion in the form of the all new dazzling Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant. This magnificent bespoke jewelry has especially been designed and developed for this special occasion and aims at becoming the perfect present for your beloved. 
The Egg Pendant is a miniaturized replica of the world renowned Fabergé egg, a series of jeweled eggs that were extremely popular as gifts between 1885 to 1917.  The Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant has been introduced as part of the company’s prestigious Les Favorites de Faberge collection and is slated for a limited sale run only.

Exuberating immense luxury, this magnificent egg pendant has been crafted from 18 carat rose gold, while carrying a mesmerizing jeweled ribbon. The fascinating ribbon itself is composed of white round diamonds and eventually forms the shape of an elegant bow. The Oeuf Cadeau measures about 22mm in height and is designed specifically to be worn with a necklace, though it can even be paired with a bracelet, depending upon the wearer’s preference. 

Faberge is also offering the Oeuf Cadeau Egg Pendant in white and yellow gold, while the customers can even choose to get the words, “I love you”, Je t’aime” and “Ti amo” engraved on the pendant. The egg pendant from Faberge is exclusively available from the company’s webpage and carries a high price tag of $10,000.
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