$4,599 Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack Mobile Phone Up For Grabs On eBay

Phone companies will do just about anything to come up with a phone that become the top hit on the market. Usually, they restrain themselves to a smashing design and perhaps a few cool features. Now and then, though, you come upon upon a phone that is a testament to something even bigger.

The Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack mobile phone is an ode to the race track at Germany. The phone appears as racy as the racetrack that it commemorates with tyre-like designs at the sides and a slim and flashy finish. Only 1000 units of the phone was made and was sold out, or so we thought, until this phone appeared on eBay. 

The seller claims the phone is an original and has never been used, which is quite suspicious because nobody could have just bought the phone to place it in their drawer. The Nokia based phone is made from titanium and topped off with racing leather.

If you’re into racing cars and can’t get the sound of cars zooming away on a racing track then you may want to carry one that immortalizes the famous Nurburgring racing circuit. The Vertu Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack mobile phone is up for grabs on eBay at $4,599.

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