1913 Hispano-Suiza Type Alfonso XIII To Go Under The Hammer At Amelia Island Auction

Luxury vintage cars have always attracted some of the most ardent auto enthusiasts as well as numerous rich and affluent car collectors, while gracing the stages of revered auction houses. This trend now continues as one of the rarest vintage cars of all time, a 1913 Hispano-Suiza Type Alfonso XIII is all set to go under the hammer at the upcoming and prestigious Amelia Island Auction. The gorgeous 1913 King Alfonso XIII is not only a stellar vintage model, but is also one of the only handful of cars to have been named after a King. 

This expensive vintage car will be showcased at the event and is expected to be the star of the auction, as only four models of the vehicle were ever produced, a fact that proves to be a vital testament to the car’s bespoke rarity. As per the pre-sale estimates for the Amelia Island Auction, the 1913 King Alfonso XIII is expected to fetch a sum of anywhere between $750,000 to $1 million.

The man after whose name reflects in this gorgeous vintage car, King Alfonso XIII, is known to have been a keen admirer of cars manufactured by Hispano Suiza, so much so that he owned some 30 models from the company’s line of luxury cars. At the time of its development, the Type Alfonso XIII was to be named as ‘15T’, however, considering the company’s royal connection to the King, it decided to create the vehicle as a tribute to King Alfonso XIII and the name the car after him. 

The 1913 Hispano-Suiza Type Alfonso XIII was considered to be one of the finest sports cars of the early 20th century, while this luxury vintage sports was powered by a 4-cylinder 3.6-liter engine, which produced 64 hp of thrust thereby propelling the vehicle to a top speed of 127 mph.
On the inside, the Type Alfonso XIII boasts of an immense class and luxury, while featuring extensive woodwork and a awe inspiring designs that have been crafted on the metal components. The Type Alfonso XIII in questions carries the chassis number 718 and was picked up by Patricio Chadwick and Emilio Polo in the 1980s from Marquis de Sanclucar de Barrameda. 
At the time of its acquisition, this vintage car was in quite a deplorable state and had to undergo an extensive restoration project that stretched for several years. During the vehicle’s restoration, nearly all original components were searched for, located and replaced including rare engine parts and even the exquisite leather work.
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