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 Hoot! Night Owl! iPhone Case / iPhone (4S, 4); Price: $35.00

Explore the Premium Selection of iPhone 4 Case and iPhone 4S Cases. Collections includes Protective, Slim and Custom iPhone cases.

Protect your iPhone (fits all iPhone 4 and 4S versions) with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring an extremely slim profile. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for solid protection and direct access to all device features.

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 Kate Spade iPhone case;

le pavillion iphone 4 case $40.00
 Tibi Iphone 4G Cover - White; Price: $54.95
Day or night, at the office or out on the town, the perfect accessory for every outfit is a posh iPhone cover. Less than 1 mm thick and tightly fitting, Tibi iPhone covers are a great gift or treat for oneself.

  Clip Stand iPhone Case
The clip stand iPhone cases give you another added feature. You can make your iPhone stand up like a photo frame and it clips well onto your hand or other places too…    (via LikeCool)
  Electrical Outlet iPhone Case
Very creatively made and very realistic looking is the electrical outlet iPhone case. It looks just like an electrical outlet and ready to plug the power in for you anytime…    (via TDSwhite)

 Pad and Quill Little Black Book Case ;For those who like books, or just want to disguise their iPhone, this little black book case from Pad and Quill really makes your iPhone look like a little black book…

Chocolate Bar iPhone Case
The chocolate bar iPhone case looks really delicious and ready for eating. The chocolate seems to be freshly unwrapped and it might tempt more than one onlooker around you…  (via RecordWallets)

 SmallWorks Lego iPhone Case
The Smallworks Lego iPhone case is for lego lovers everywhere. It features in three different colors, and you can really attach your lego blocks to your case for added uniqueness…  (via Smallworks)
 Retro 80s iPhone Case
If you still remember the old days when people used really large mobile phones that they carried around, here’s the chance to turn your iPhone back into those retro models…    (via I Want One of Those)

 Bottle Opener iPhone Case
The bottle opener iPhone case is suitable for those who need to open bottles a lot. Whether they’re your own bottles or someone else’s bottles, you can now open them with your iPhone…    (via ThinkGeek)
 Earonic Ear iPhone-Case
 This iPhone case camouflages your iPhone and makes it blend in with your face. Now no one will know you’re making a call with your iPhone. Or will they…
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