House of Solid Gold Creates the Most Expensive Bicycle Covered in 24 Carat Gold

Now you have a solid gold 24 carat bicycle which has naturally taken over the record of the most expensive bicycle in the world. The House of Solid Gold, based in California, USA has created this unique mountain bike. This limited edition bike is almost entirely covered with 24 carat gold and as a result carries a whopping price tag of £600,000. There are other high end features that add value to the most expensive bike including a customized seat cover crafted from brown alligator hide and a unique water bottle, which is coated in solid gold and decorated with stingray skin.

The CEO of House of Solid Gold, Hugh Power said that he got the idea about creating this bike when he was mountain biking on a similar bike. It was a challenge to cover the entire bike in gold and customize it with all the latest hi-tech gear. He is more than satisfied with the final product as he has successfully covered 99% of the bike completely in gold without compromising on the performance of the bike. It is the only bike of its kind and only 13 units have been planned. Each bike will be custom built and will be totally unique in its own right.

It was painstakingly hard work to hand craft this unique bike. It took 750 man hours of highly skilled craftsmen to complete the elaborate bicycle. Each of the 13 bikes will be engraved with the artist’s signature, dated and numbered. According to Mr. Power the bikes have been priced much higher than their cost for a charitable reason. Most of the proceeds from the sale of the bikes will be donated to charity. Way to Happiness Foundation, a global non-profit, non-religious charitable organization that do a lot of impressive work to combat crime and violence worldwide, will be the beneficiary. The buyers of the golden bike will be basically donating the money for a noble cause and receive the bike as a token of appreciation.


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