Kościuszko Hotel | Donimirski Boutique Hotels, Luxury 5* Hotel

The Kościuszko Hotel is located 3 km from the centre of Kraków. It is located in a quiet spot, however, it is still within a comfortable distance from the route leading to the motorway and the airport - a perfect place for both a short stopover during a longer journey as well as for a longer, recreational stay.
The former road house on the site of the summer residence of Bishops of Kraków, transformed into a luxury hotel, today offers 21comfortable rooms furnished in an antique style. Each room bears a name referring to the life and travels of Tadeusz Kościuszko – a Polish and American hero.
The hotel also offers a parking lot, an outdoor cafe, a restaurant with excellent polish cuisine. 
An experienced team takes care of everything from top to bottom - from the guests' appetite to a photo session of the newlyweds. The high quality of services and at the same time a cordial atmosphere ensures that this very special day will remain in one’s memory forever.
The Kościuszko Hotel - everything is a success here!

Prices:   from $ 93,-


Hotel Information:
Kościuszko Hotel | Donimirski Boutique Hotels, Luxury 5* Hotel
ul. Papiernicza 3
31-221 Kraków, Poland
Phone: +48 12 614 14 41

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