The EGO SE 450 is a Boat and a Submarine !

It’s a boat, it’s a submarine, its EGO semi- submarine! Officially christened EGO-SE 450, this vessel gives you the option of seeing the beautiful aquatic world through its underwater cabin, but it also allows you to just laze around and soak up some sun on its upper portion, which is like a small boat.

The submerged portion of the vessel has glass windows on the front and sides allowing you to view the underwater surrounding while comfortably sitting in a chair. This compartment can accommodate two people for a submarine tour.

This submarine is directly attached to two parallel hulls that float over the water surface. The hulls are 4 metre long and would be perfect for tanning. This unique boat was developed in Korea. It was showcased at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show.

Thee submerged cabin has a joystick that allows the user to manoeuvre it in any direction. There is also an LCD screen wired to a high resolution camera on the surface, which enables the passenger to see what is going on at the surface to allow for safe navigation. If you are on the deck, you can also navigate with the help of a remote control type device that allows for tight navigation and docking.

There is a sonar attached to the bottom of the central hull that can tell the depth of the water. If the water is not deep enough an alarm is sounded so that you steer away the boat/submarine. The EGO submarine is a green submarine as well as it runs entirely on electricity and does not emit any pollutants.

With a full charge, one can sail around for about eight hours. But if you are looking for speed, you will be disappointed. The vessel can attain a maximum speed of just 3 knots i.e around 5.5km/hour. But a boat like this is more for leisure and not for the speed. If you want your very own private submarine you will have to shell out around $50,000.

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