Designers Come Together to Create Classic Trailer

MINI, Airstream, and Republic of Fritz Hansen have created the MINI Airstream Combo. It has been inspired by the classic American trailer and it comes with cool wood, accents and upholstery. The interiors are tastefully designed and the all the details seem to suggest that it is made for the beach.

In fact, MiniSpace has launched a contest for people to let them know what and how they would do things they would, if they had this design with them. While it is not clear if the design is going on sale, it is quite clear that these furnishings and trappings can be a great success if used in a trailer.

If they are not used in a trailer, they could still be used to decorate your house just as well. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest designs ever. Do try to apply for the contest and get those free Fritz Hansen chairs they are offering!
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