Sublimotion,World’s Most Expensive Restaurant offers Gastro Sensory Experience for £1,210

The cost of a meal goes up due to the location of the restaurant as well as the way the meal is presented. Sublimotion, a new restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in the bustling Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza, is serving the most expensive meal. 

They are not positioning it as a simple meal but a “gastro sensory adventure” which cannot be matched by any other restaurant in a hurry. It is the experience they promise which has attracted a long list of high profile customers even at an eye-watering £1,210 a head. All manner of un-named celebrities, Russian oligarchs and multi-millionaires have booked up the restaurant for the entire season.

On the outside it is a non-descript, all-white building. The guests have to get into what appears like a goods lift. The ride in the lift is an experience in itself as you feel like you are descending deep into the ground with the earth rushing past you. 

The experience is very real and you will find it difficult to believe that it is a carefully-staged illusion comprised of video footage. The dining room has a table with 12 seats. Every seat has a small box placed in front which contains three test-tubes – each with the components for a Bloody Mary. As you pour the contents of the tubes in a beaker the concoction starts bubbling and the hostess pours the drink for you in a martini glass.

For the main meal the guests are moved to what appears like an ancient library with gothic architecture and full with books. The food that is served is very good and mouth wateringly delicious but it is served very innovatively. 

Nitrogen-frozen olive oil parcels come suspended on a mini washing line complete with wooden pegs. Macaroon-type cake levitates in front of you on a spinning CD. 

Chef Paco Roncero who is considered one of the world’s greatest culinary talents is behind the extraordinary food. He even alters the temperature and humidity in the dining room to enhance the dining experience. There will be a total of 20 courses including a foie gras doughnut that enters the room by balloon and a clam dish which you eat “under the sea” with jellyfish floating around you. The value of the food may not add up to the heavy price tag but the experience makes it worth it.
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