Staudacherhof Vitalhotel, Bayern, Wellness Luxury 4* Hotel

Your Hosts
The Family Staudacher
different Generations in the Staudacherhof
The Juniors: More Mountain - More Balance - More Delight, ensured by your hosts, Dagmar and Peter Staudacher. They make it easy for you to enjoy well-being in Staudacherhof, grant your every wish and offer tips for your leisure activities. At the same time, they are enthusiastic parents and enjoy taking care of their kids.
The Seniors: Ursula and Franz-Josef Staudacher, who was a professional ski racer and state-certified ski instructor alongside his hotel career, passed the reins on to the younger generation late 2008. Now they enjoy having more time for each other and, above all, love being Grandma and Grandpa.

...more than 100 years Staudacherhof
The Staudacher family's history bases on a long tradition of wine with its roots in the Tyrolean region of Austria. Johann Staudacher, Peter Staudacher's great-grandfather, managed the Römisch-Deutscher Kaiser Inn in Stams/Mötz around 1880, where illustrious personages like former Emperor Franz Josef liked to stop in.

"Bestsellers" 2013 - Guests‘ favourite packages:

- 1 night in an Alpine Feel-Good Ambience, Feel-Good Board, More Delight Cocktail, romantically decorated room and much more...
per pers. from € 141,-
- 2 nights in an Alpine Feel-Good Ambiance, Feel-Good Board and much more...
per pers. from € 244,-
- 3, 5 or 7 nights in an Alpine Feel-Good Ambience, a room-service breakfast or romantic table set for breakfast with a Delight Étagère, Feel-Good Board and much more...
per pers. from € 354,-

Single rooms - Vitalhotel Staudacherhof

 Staudacherhof - Landhaussuite

 Breakfast in bed 

  Staudacherhof Vitalhotel, tower room

Ski Jamboree

  Bathroom at Staudacherhof Vitalhotel

More Delight - Welcome to gourmet heaven!
Vacationing in Bavaria has numerous culinary attractions: Fried beef and onions in gravy with bread dumpling, schnitzel (cutlet) with potato salad or Bavarian Crème. Naturally, you will also find delicious dishes on our menu if you prefer vegetarian fare or  are an exquisite gourmand.
Chef de Cuisine Peter Dazert developed his fine knack for cooking in restaurants bearing the prestigious "Hauben" award and now entices our guests into the world of refined cookery. Whether it's Bavarian specialties or vital delicacies you prefer or if wish to indulge in gourmet cuisine, it's your choice. More delight, premium quality and new culinary adventures await you. 

 Restaurant Staudacherhof 

 Restaurant Staudacherhof   

Restaurant at Vitalhotel Staudacher
Prices:  from € 100,-

The vitality hotel in pictures...
View our oasis from the best angles.

Lobby Staudacherhof 

 Alpinum spa Staudacherhof 

 Balance Romance

Balance Romance 

Day Spa - Vitalhotel Staudacherhof  - Indoor & Outdoor Pool

 Day Spa - Vitalhotel Staudacherhof  - Private Spa Night

 Day Spa - Vitalhotel Staudacherhof  - Private Spa Night

Day Spa - Vitalhotel Staudacherhof  - Private Spa Night
Country House Staudacher

 The Zugspitze, at 2,962 m (9,718 ft) above sea level, is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany.

Staudacherhof in winter

Hotel Information:
Staudacherhof Vitalhotel, Luxury 4* Hotel
Höllentalstrasse 48
D-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 
Phone: +49 (0) 8821 9290    

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